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My Name is John Gill and I am an online Marketer, also I am a business consultant/partner for the company called M.O.B.E (My online Business Education) I am also the owner of the company called The Evening light Co. Just to tell you a little about myself;

Well, I grew up in a single parent home I have one older sister, I love my family and friends, I strive everyday not to take life for granted, not even people who comes into my life. I am honest, I don’t like to pretend to be something when I am not. I live life to it fullest. I did travel a lot. Just recently I had a car accident about five months ago, which badly damaged my speech, how I walk etc so I talk very slow . I don’t let my circumstances get me down or this situation. I wasn’t working at any job and there was no income coming in so, someone on Facebook who is now my sponsor, Jilbreel, who introduce me to an online business opportunity but at first, like so many of you I was skeptical and thought this was a scam and there is no way I could make money online. I did my own investigation to see if this was true or is this just a fake, not worth my time. He sent me the link I watch the video, but I didn’t acted right away until I was experiencing the worst depression since my accident, so I prayed through, I ask God for myself should I or should I not take that leap of faith to just go for it. So I decided to just go for it not knowing if this was going to work or not  but it actually did. When I started in this business, at first I didn’t make any money for the first week. In fact, I had little to no clicks. After I modify some few thing change somethings around only then I started to see results. My click to my product that I was selling went to 20 click to 1,178 click with 181 conversion (buyers) the system did work. You are talking, about joy, an average person like me could make money online like that wow! If you would like to learn more click on my product page above to learn more or if you have an existing online business but you aren’t making any sells, set up a strategy session with me and I will do my very best to help you achieve the lifetime freedom that I am now experiencing.  I just so thankful to be alive and well. I am a positive person who loves to bring hope to all.

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